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Monday, August 2, 2021

What are the connection modes of the network?

What are the connection modes of the network?

Hello, there are four broadband access modes: ADSL, LAN, FTTH and PON:

1. ADSL: Chinese Name: asymmetric digital subscriber line loop. It uses a pair of existing copper twisted pair wires to provide users with asymmetric transmission rates of uplink and downlink, and the uplink acts as low-speed transmission; The next line is high-speed transmission. It is applicable to ordinary home users and small and medium-sized business users with broadband service needs;

2. LAN: the access mode mainly adopts Ethernet technology to serve users in the form of information community. A high-speed router is used in the core node to provide users with FTTx + LAN broadband access. Basically achieve Gigabit to community, 100m to residential buildings and 10m to users;

3. PON: it is a new broadband access method, which can provide customers with more stable access and higher rate bandwidth;

4. FTTH: the access mode is to directly connect the optical fiber line to the user's home on the basis of maintaining the user's existing communication services, replacing the original cable line. Awesome communication capabilities and quality, broadband can achieve a variety of high speed access from 2M/4M/10M to 100M, faster Internet access, and more stable network quality. Online HD video, Internet TV, high-speed downloads, large online games and other network applications are more powerful. For more service benefits, please pay attention to the official account of "Anhui Telecom" WeChat.

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