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Sunday, August 8, 2021

What if the network is connected but can't get on the network

What if the network is connected but can't get on the network

First of all, you should confirm whether you have really connected to the network. According to my experience, in Windows 7 system, sometimes even if the network icon in the lower right corner shows that it is connected, it is not connected. At this time, you need to open this icon, disconnect it first, and then reconnect it.

If the computer is connected to the Internet and still can't access the Internet, you can reset the browser. Here, I only take IE browser as an example. If you use another browser without reset option, you can uninstall and reinstall. Ie cannot be uninstalled, so it can only be reset.

Open IE browser, click the tools menu in the menu bar, and then click the Internet option at the bottom

In the Internet Options page, click the Advanced tab with the mouse to switch to the Advanced tab. There is a reset button at the bottom. You can click this reset button to reset the browser.

You'd better delete all personal settings and custom browser settings. Including personal data, cache, cookies, etc. Select the previous check box and click OK to start the reset. The browser needs to be restarted after reset.

The problem of the browser itself has been solved. If it still doesn't work, we should consider whether firewall software prevents the browser from accessing the network. There are many kinds of third-party firewalls, and there are various ways to unlock them. Here, I will only take the firewall software of the system as an example. First open the control panel and click windows firewall.

In windows firewall, click Advanced settings in the left navigation bar. As shown in the figure, we want to see if the firewall prohibits your browser from accessing the network. Of course, the browser here does not refer to ie, which is unimpeded in Windows system.

Find your browser in this inbound and outbound list to see if it has been disabled. If it is prohibited, right-click the browser and modify it to trust software in the properties. Then see if the status behind the browser has become allowed. After it becomes allowed, close the firewall and open the browser to see if the Internet is normal.

Or you can use a more worry-free method. If you are just an ordinary user and there is no top secret information in the computer, you can turn off the firewall of the system. It's really useless for ordinary users. I'm an ordinary user. I've been online for more than ten years and haven't encountered hacker attacks. So you can turn it off.

After using the above methods, if you still can't connect to the network. The possible reason is that some security software prohibits you from accessing relevant websites. If your computer has been used by others, you should consider this problem. There are many such software, but the operation is generally very simple. It can be set in the site interception function. I won't repeat it here. Then the problem is not easy to deal with. The reason that can be considered is that the virus file has seriously damaged the relevant files of the system

If none of the above methods can solve the problem, it will be difficult to solve the problem. The reason that can be considered is that the virus files have seriously damaged the relevant files of the system. I think it will take more time to repair the system through various optimization and repair software than to reinstall the system, which is not cost-effective. Therefore, when you reach this level, I suggest you reinstall the system. After reinstallation, all settings are default. There is no problem. Even if there is a problem, it is also the problem of your network service provider.

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