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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Who knows that a normal computer is always disconnected from the network (intermittent connection)

Who knows that a normal computer is always disconnected from the network (intermittent connection)

The possible reasons for not opening the network industry are:

1、 Problems with network settings

This reason often occurs when it is necessary to manually specify the networking mode of IP, gateway and DNS server, and use proxy server to access the Internet. Double check your computer's network settings.

2、 Problems with DNS server

When ie cannot browse the web page, you can first try to access it with an IP address. If you can access it, it should be a DNS problem. The DNS problem may be an error in obtaining DNS during networking or the DNS server itself. At this time, you can manually specify the DNS service (the address can be the DNS server address provided by your local ISP, You can also use the DNS server address normally used in other places.) In the network properties, (control panel - network and dial-up connection - local connection - right click Properties - TCP / IP protocol - properties - use the following DNS server address). Different ISPs have different DNS addresses. Sometimes it's a problem with the router or network card. You can't connect with the DNS service of the ISP. In this case, turn off the router for a while and then turn it on, or reset the router.

Another possibility is that there is a problem with the local DNS cache. In order to improve the access speed of the website, the system will automatically store the website that has been visited and obtained the IP address into the local DNS cache. Once the website is accessed again, the IP address of the website will be directly extracted from the local DNS cache instead of through the DNS server. Therefore, if there is a problem with the local DNS cache, the website will be inaccessible. You can rebuild the local DNS cache by executing ipconfig / flushdns in run.

3、 Problems with Internet Explorer itself

When the IE browser itself fails, it will naturally affect browsing; Or ie is maliciously modified and damaged, which will also lead to inability to browse the web page. At this time, you can try to repair it with "Huangshan ie repair expert" (it is recommended to repair it in safe mode), or reinstall ie (if you encounter a problem that you can't reinstall ie, please refer to attachment 1 to solve the problem of unable to reinstall IE)

4、 Problems of network firewall

If the network firewall is not set properly, such as the security level is too high, ie is inadvertently placed in the blocked access list, wrong firewall policies, etc., you can try to check the policies, reduce the security level of the firewall, or turn it off directly to try whether it returns to normal.

5、 Network protocol and network card driver

Ie cannot be browsed, which may be caused by the damage of network protocol (especially TCP / IP Protocol) or network card driver. You can try to restart the network card driver and network protocol.

6、 Problems with hosts files

If the hosts file is modified, it will also lead to abnormal browsing. Of course, the solution is to empty the contents of the hosts file.

7、 Problems with system files

When the system files related to IE are replaced or damaged, the normal use of IE will be affected. At this time, SFC command can be used to repair it. Win98 system can execute SFC in "operation" and then scan; Win2000 / XP / 2003 executes SFC / scannow in "run" to try to repair.

Among them, when only ie can't browse the web page and QQ can go on, it is often caused by the damage or loss of files such as winsock.dll, wsock32.dll or wsock.vxd (VxD only exists in Win9x system). Winsock is an important part of TCP / IP protocol. Generally, it is necessary to reinstall TCP / IP protocol. However, XP starts to integrate the TCP / IP protocol, so it cannot be simply uninstalled and reinstalled like 98. You can use the Netsh command to reset the TCP / IP protocol to restore it to the state when the operating system was first installed. The specific operations are as follows:

Click "start running", enter the "CMD" command in the running dialog box to pop up the command prompt window, and then enter the "Netsh int IP reset C: \ resetlog. TXT" command. The "resetlog. TXT" file is a log file used to record the command execution results. This parameter option must be specified, The full path of the log file specified here is "C: \ resetlog. TXT". The result of executing this command is the same as deleting and reinstalling TCP / IP protocol.

Tip: Netsh command is a scripting tool based on the command line. You can use this command to configure and monitor the windows system. In addition, it also provides an interactive network shell program interface. For the use format of Netsh command, please refer to the help file (enter "Netsh /?" in the command prompt window) OK).

The second solution is to repair the above files. Win9x uses SFC to re extract the above files. WIN2000 / XP / 2003 uses SFC / scannow command to repair the files. When SFC / scannow cannot be used to repair the files, you can try winsockfix, a repair tool specially released on the Internet for this problem, which can be searched and downloaded on the Internet.

8、 Real time monitoring of anti-virus software

This is not often seen, but sometimes it is related to real-time monitoring, because now the real-time monitoring of anti-virus software adds the monitoring of web content. Take an example: kv2005 will cause ie to be unable to browse the web page on individual machines (many friends have encountered it). The specific performance is that as long as the web page monitoring is turned on, ie will be unable to browse the web page after about 20 minutes after the Internet is turned on. At this time, if the web page monitoring of kv2005 is turned off, everything will return to normal; After thorough reinstallation, kv2005 cannot be solved. Although not every machine installed kv2005 will have this problem, after all, the system of each machine is different, and the installed procedures are also different. But if ie can't browse the web, you should also check the anti-virus software.

9、 Problems with the application management service

When you can only go to QQ and can't open a web page, just restart it. But even if you restart, you can't open a web page after opening 7 to 8 web pages. You can only go to QQ. Sometimes Telecom often makes you disable the application management service, which can be solved. The specific reason is unknown.

10、 Infected with the virus

This situation is often reflected in the prompt in the lower left box of the IE interface when you open IE: you are opening a web page, but you haven't responded for a long time. Check the process in the task manager (enter the method, place the mouse on the taskbar, and press the right button - Task Manager - process) to see how the CPU utilization rate is. If it is 100%, it is certain that it is infected with a virus. At this time, you want to run other programs, which is just suffering. It is necessary to find out which process greedily occupies CPU resources. After finding it, it is best to record the name, and then click finish. If it cannot be finished, it is necessary to start it in safe mode, delete the Dongdong, and enter the registry. (method: start - run, enter regedit) in the registry dialog box, click Edit - find, enter the program name, and after finding it, Click the right mouse button to delete, and then search several times, which can often be completely deleted.

There are many viruses. When the anti-virus software is powerless, the only way is to delete them manually

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