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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Why is the broadband connection missing from the network connection

Why is the broadband connection missing from the network connection

You can't recreate it... You can't choose "connect with a broadband connection that requires a user name and password"... Experts help me. I don't know what to say / / it's a laptop... You just want to surf the Internet... Click the broadband connection on the desktop... Go to the Internet... Open it

1. Check whether the following three services are opened in the service









2. Control panel - add and delete windows components to see if relevant components are deleted by mistake

Such as TCP / IP

3. Check whether DCOM permission settings are correct

Start -- run


Default attribute -- selected

"Enable distributed DOM on this machine"

Default impersonation level "identity"

Authentication level


4 check whether the network neighbor is hidden

Click Start / run in turn. In the pop-up system operation dialog box, enter the system policy editing command poledit. Click OK to open the system policy editing window.

In the editing window, click the "file" menu item in the menu bar and execute the "open registry" command from the pop-up drop-down menu. In the next window, double-click the "local user" icon. In the subsequent attribute setting interface, successively expand the "shell interface" and "restriction" branches, under the corresponding "restriction" branch, Check whether the "hide my network places" item is selected. If it is selected, you must cancel it, and then click OK;

Finally, click file / save in the menu bar of the system policy editing window to save the previous parameter settings to the system registry. After restarting the computer system, you can see the network neighborhood icon on the system desktop.

5 check whether to delete the existing connection

If you enable the function of automatically deleting existing connections in the group policy editing window, the local connection icon of the system may also disappear. Therefore, you can check whether the function option of deleting existing connections has been enabled in the current system according to the following steps:

Click Start / run successively. In the pop-up system operation dialog box, enter the group policy editing command gpedit.msc. Click OK to open the group policy editing window of the system

Expand the user configuration folder, and then windows

Settings folder, Internet


Maintenance folder and connection folder, double-click connection settings in the sub window on the right of the corresponding connection folder;

In the following settings window, check whether the option "delete existing dial-up connection settings" has been selected. If so, please uncheck it. Finally, click OK and restart the computer system. In this way, the local connection icon may reappear.


If the above method does not work, reinstall it

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