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Monday, August 23, 2021

Why should advertising company management software use dongle!!

Why should advertising company management software use dongle!!

Customers who use the management software of Feiyang power advertising company often ask,

What's the use of dongles? What is the dongle used for? Why not use e-Cert?

In 2016, the management software of Feiyang power advertising company decided to use dongles to manage user data

Therefore, for users of advertising company management software purchased before 2016, it is recommended that you contact customer service and reissue the dongle

So today, Xiaobian will specifically explain the benefits of using dongles

Dongle benefits:

1. It is convenient to replace the computer

If, when the customer is on the host computer, there are some hardware failures. Just pull out the dongle

Then, replace it with a new computer, and you can continue to use it, which is more safe and reliable

2. Simple operation mode

At the same time, the use method of the dongle is relatively simple. It can be directly inserted into the USB interface of the computer

3. Easy to restore data

If data is lost when using dongle management software. Copy data directly from the cloud.

Then, restore the data directly, and then plug in the dongle to continue to use. It is very convenient and simple.

Disadvantages of e-Cert:

1. The host computer cannot be replaced at will

If we use electronic certificate to use advertising company management software and replace the host computer, it will become very troublesome.

Because under normal circumstances, the electronic certificate is tied with the server computer, and the host computer cannot be changed at will( Just reinstall the computer and it won't be affected)

2. Electronic certificate data is easy to be lost

Generally, the certificate will not be lost, but. If the customer is deleted by mistake, the electronic certificate data is damaged, etc

It can't be used normally. Therefore, generally using electronic certificate is a very troublesome thing.

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