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Saturday, August 14, 2021

You are connected to the network, but you cannot connect to the Internet

You are connected to the network, but you cannot connect to the Internet

You are connected to the network, but you cannot connect to the Internet. The computer ADSL connection prompt has been connected, but the Internet cannot be opened. I hope experts can give a detailed disclosure. Thank you!

You are connected to the network, but you can't connect to the Internet:

(1) There may be a DNS error that prevents internet access.

(2) There may be an ARP virus in the LAN. It leads to network blocking and inability to access the Internet.

Treatment method:

1. Open the "run" dialog box (or press Win + R), enter the command "CMD" to enter the MSDOS interface.

2. Enter the command "ipconfig / all" in MSDOS interface, and the local gateway and DNS information can be viewed in the displayed result page.

3. Open control panel, double-click network connection, then right-click local connection and select properties.

4. Check "manually set DNS" to set DNS for the current connection. After setting, the system can access the Internet normally.

A computer is a machine that processes data according to a series of instructions using the principles of electronics. The computer can be divided into two parts: software system and hardware system. The first computer was the ENIAC general-purpose electronic computer born at the University of Pennsylvania on February 15, 1946.

People call a computer without any software as bare metal. With the development of science and technology, there are some new computers: biological computer, photon computer, quantum computer and so on. On May 24, 1954, the transistor electronic computer was born.

The types of input and output devices of the first generation computers were very limited. The usual input device is a punch card reader, which is used to import instructions and data into memory; The output device used to store the results is generally tape. With the progress of science and technology, the richness of input and output equipment has been improved. Take the personal computer as an example: the keyboard and mouse are the main tools for users to input information directly to the computer, while the display, printer, loudspeaker and headset return the processing results. In addition, there are many input devices that can accept other different kinds of information, such as digital cameras that can input images.

There are two types of input and output devices worth noting: the first is secondary storage devices, such as hard disks, optical discs or other devices with slow speed but high capacity. The second is computer network access equipment. The direct data transmission between computers through them greatly improves the value of computers. Today, the Internet has enabled tens of millions of computers to transmit various types of data to each other.

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