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Sunday, September 5, 2021

How to share dongles

How to share dongles

Using dongle sharer

(1) USB over network and USB server are more popular in the market, which can be purchased from major e-commerce. They can achieve the following functions: the server can be run on a machine with USB dongle, and then the client can have n. after connecting, the server dongle can be used on the client.

(2) Without destroying the dongle data or copying the dongle, they are just a port sharing technology. What kind of product is good?

1. From the perspective of ease of use, there is little difference between the two products. Both of them should set up the server and install the corresponding client;

2. In terms of product types, USB over network is pure software and USB server is a combination of hardware and software;

3. In terms of resource cost, in the use of USB over network, a server should be built as the server of USB over network, which can collect power 24 hours a day; USB server provides a small USB server box. As a server, the equipment is powered by 12V. It is not difficult to see that USB server saves more cost. In addition to power consumption, USB server saves the cost of a server;

4. From the perspective of stability, I prefer USB server, which supplies power to each USB port separately without insufficient power supply. USB over network supplies power to the server motherboard, which is limited by the motherboard. For example, when multiple high-power USB devices are used at the same time, the current is unstable and easy to cause hardware damage, so it is not dominant;

5. Considering the compatibility of products with USB, USB over network is selected. Although USB server has good compatibility with USB dongle, USB over network has stronger compatibility with USB disk;

6. Price differentiation: USB over network is charged according to the number of USB ports. One dongle authorization is $149, two dongles authorization is $229, four USB dongles authorization is $329, and eight USB dongles authorization is $599. The single authorization here refers to the cost of using a computer client. The minimum product of USB server is the simultaneous use of seven USB ports, unlimited authorization, and the price is 2680rmb; From the perspective of user economy and cash expenditure analysis, if one dongle needs to be shared, if two computers are shared, then 149 * 6.3 (proportion of US dollars and RMB) * two = 1877.4rmb, and three = 2816.1rmb, so if one dongle is less than three shares, USB over network can be considered. If there are multiple dongles, There are more than 2 sharing users. It is recommended to use USB server.

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