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Saturday, September 18, 2021

. net software, what software dongle encryption can prevent code decompilation?

 . net software, what software dongle encryption can prevent code decompilation?

According to the characteristics of. Net software, some powerful compilation tools can decompile. Net executable files and get the corresponding IL code or even source code. Even using obfuscation tools and strong naming tools can not fundamentally solve the problem. The code will still be easily decompiled by tools such as reflector.

Software dongle: the codemeter and axprotector (for. Net) of WIBU have very good performance

The problem of decompilation is different from the traditional obfuscator. Axprotector can completely prevent. Net

Assembly (by)





And other languages). Generally speaking, axprotector is between the cracker and your


A powerful anti cracking protection barrier is built between the codes to generate a


Not based on


Compatible format file. original


The complete code is encrypted and encapsulated in the local code. It will not be released to the hard disk at any time, which is invisible to the cracker.

Different from the pure. Net encryption software, axprotector and codemeter hardware dongle are used with packages. More rigorous key management and the most advanced AES, RSA, ECC and other encryption algorithms are used to store or transmit keys to ensure communication security.

Generated after compiling. Net code


Contains all the information in the source code (excluding comments), especially when debugging information is saved in it. So a. Class compiled in the normal way

Files can be decompiled very easily. Generally, software developers will use a tool called obfuscator. The function of obfuscator is to confuse the compiled code, so that it cannot be decompiled or the decompiled code is confused and difficult to understand. Because the obfuscator only confuses the method name or process, but can not prevent the source code from being decompiled, the function of the obfuscator only increases the difficulty of decompilation, and the final result is to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. It is almost transparent to some people who master tools. Axprotector is a true. Net software encryption software that encrypts source code and prevents decompilation.

Axprotector encrypts the. Net original code, which cannot be restored to the hard disk at any time. The. Net code encrypted with axprotector can only be decrypted in memory through axprotectorclass and returned to the program for execution when the program calls or executes a certain function. It can be encrypted immediately after running. This function of random encryption and on-demand decryption of the original code can well prevent the decompilation of. Net programs and the removal of API encryption points. It effectively ensures the execution efficiency and security of the source code.

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