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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

What do you mean by local connection and network connection

What do you mean by local connection and network connection

What is the function of "remote desktop" on your computer

You should open the ADSL Internet service of Telecom, and then use the dial-up program to connect to the Internet. ADSL does not need to set IP address.

2. LAN Internet access

Generally, you need a fixed IP address, gateway and DNS to access the Internet. You can't just find it on the Internet. You can apply for an IP address with the network company or relevant department you use.

Thirdly, unplug and plug in the network cable again. There is little hope of this method

3. If possible, change the network cable again. The resolution rate is 80%. Last time my friend had a problem with the machine, I changed a network cable with him. As a result, we can all use it. I don't know why he can't use this network cable.

4. Regain IP. Start -- run -- enter CMD -- ipconfig / release, and then ipconfig / renew. The chance of solving this problem is not great, about 50%!

5. Manually set the IP address, open "control panel" - "network connection", find the current local connection (right-click the network neighborhood, select properties, and then view the network connection), right-click it, select "properties", double-click "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" in the "general" tab, and select "use the following IP address", Fill in "IP address between and" in "IP address"? It's like a white oil bag? ", others do not need to be filled in, and then click OK to solve the problem( If the current computer joins the workgroup or domain, it should be set according to the situation). This is the setting method of my router. Various routers may be different. Mine is Tengda. Please refer to the manual for other routers. The probability of this solution is about 80%. You can also set this as a standby

6. I tried to reinstall the system or restore it with one click. I solved it, but some friends on the Internet said they didn't solve it, so I couldn't clear the probability of solving it. Anyway, I used it twice and solved it twice. After all, reinstalling the system is a laborious thing. Consider it yourself!

7. What netizens said: Unplug the power supply of the chassis, the other end of the chassis, and the power supply of the kitten or router. Turn off the power supply and unplug the power cord, then open the chassis, unplug the network card, and then plug it in according to the original position! Install the chassis, install the power supply and connect the network cable! Connect the other cables and start the computer! Enter XP troubleshooting! I haven't used it. I don't know if I can solve it.

8. At the command prompt (run CMD), type Netsh Winsock reset, and then press enter. Restart the computer after running this command. PS: the reason for this problem: SP2 gives more consideration to security issues. Your IP is set to automatic acquisition. In fact, it is to obtain IP and related parameters from the DHCP server, but this process may not be completed for some reason. In the Sp1 era, in order to prevent disconnection (as written by Microsoft), the operating system takes the initiative to set 169. X.x.x reserved IP for the network card, Without any error prompt, if multiple computers do not get the correct IP, they can still communicate with each other through reserved addresses. However, after installing SP2, the operating system does not assign any IP according to the principle of "security first", cuts off the network connection, and reports the error "local connection is limited or no connection".

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