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Thursday, September 2, 2021

What if you can't connect to the network

What if you can't connect to the network

What if I can't connect to the network? Please help me. Really, kowtow.

Solution: start where you can solve it. Modems and routing are prone to failure. Generally speaking, a simple restart can solve the problem.

1. First, try to connect to the network with another computer. The network card of the previous computer may have failed. If not, check whether the local network is disconnected. If the local network is disconnected, the problem lies in the routing path. Restart or replace it with a new routing path.

2. Secondly, check whether the error light of the DSL modem is on. If so, turn off the demodulator and restart, or you also need to turn off the computer and unplug various devices. After 30 seconds, reconnect them to the computer and then restart.

3. If the above method still doesn't work, try resetting the network connection in the windows system. In Windows XP, follow the steps below, click start, run, enter CMD and enter, and then enter ipconfig / renew and enter. Alternatively, you can right-click the network connection icon in the system tray and select repair options. But I find the former more effective.

4. If after all this, your computer still can't connect to the Internet, and you usually connect to the Internet through a wireless adapter, try connecting directly to the router through a network cable. Or not? Forget the router and see if you can connect directly to other computers through the demodulator, which will help to further find out the root cause of the problem. In addition, carefully check all cables and replace them if possible.

5. Or doesn't it work? Call your broadband provider and ask them to check if the same problem exists in the surrounding area( Don't forget to pay attention to the obvious: if you surf the Internet through wired broadband, have you checked whether the cable TV has a signal? Did you pay the relevant fee Some service providers can test your network equipment remotely; Sometimes an ISP sends a reset signal to your modem. But at this point, you are likely to encounter a failure of the network itself. This situation is usually temporary, but reporting the failure and making complaints - continuous complaints - usually help ISPs solve the failure more efficiently.

Avoid recurring problems: buy some spare network connection devices - find Wi Fi signals from nearby friends and ask for their permission to use them, or buy wireless data transmission cards for laptops. Even have an ISP dial-up number, so that you can log in to the Internet at a critical juncture.

1. Check whether the network cable is connected normally;

2. Reinstall the network card driver (it is recommended to download the latest version of the driver of the corresponding model from the official website of the network card brand for installation);

3. Call the customer service phone of the network operator and ask the other party to check whether the line is unobstructed;

4. Uninstall the software, install other versions of the software, or install other similar software and re connect to the network.

Special note:

The inability of the software to connect to the Internet is less related to the software itself. It is recommended to check whether the network is connected normally

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