Upgrade to 4G LTE
Reliance Wipod
Reliance 4G Wi-Pod

Key Features:

* 4G WiFi enabled router

* Download speeds of upto 150 Mbps

* Inbuilt battery of 2300 mAh

* 31 user connectivity

* Micro SD card slot, upto 32 GB

* FD-LTE & TD-LTE support

* Pocket friendly, weighs only 80 grams

Migration process of Reliance Datacard

* For prepaid datacard ,recharge your existing CDMA connection with the 4G upgrade recharge.

* For prepaid datacard after recharging & postpaid datacard, please follow the following steps.

* Plug your Reliance data card in the desktop port & click on "Upgrade to 4G" banner on the customer landing page, or type http://www.reliancenetconnect.co.in / in your browser address bar and click on the banner.

*In the "Upgrade to 4G" form , enter your existing Reliance Datacard number , if your number does not appear automatically. Proceed to fill your 4G SIM number & key details like alternate mobile number.

* Process to get your new 4G Datacard. Your 4G Datacard will be shipped to your address.

* Your upgrade to 4G is now complete.

* 48 hours prior to the date of launch, you will receive an SMS on your alternate mobile number to start using your 4G SIM.

Dear Valued Customer, Welcome to the world of Reliance 4G. We have begun our registration process to upgrade your Reliance datacard to the New Reliance 4G. To register, simply get your New 4G SIM from your nearest Reliance Store. Post receiving your New 4G SIM, visit www.reliancenetconnect.co.in & click on Upgrade Now button. Simply key in your key details & proceed to get your New Reliance 4G Datacard.

Upgrade Now to avail 10GB Free 4G data & an early bird discount on your New 4G Datacard.

Best Wishes,
Reliance Communications Ltd.

Reliance Netconnect
NOTE:4G upgrade currently not applicable for subscribers in Tamil Nadu & Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka and Rajasthan.